Termite Available Classes

Drywood Termite Biology and Control

Termites of economic interest in Florida fall into two general categories: Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites. In this class we will take a brief look at the biology and control of Drywood Termites. Dampwood Termites are closely related to DWT, but of less economic interest.

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Wood-Destroying Organism Inspections: The WDO Report

The wood-destroying organisms (WDO) inspection report is discussed in detail, including all aspects of Florida Statutes CHAPTER 482, section 482.226 and Florida Administrative Code Rule 5E-14.142, that are of concern. The report is broken down into sections and each section is examined in detail, explaining what the inspector needs to do. This class also examines who can legally do WDO reports, the training they need, and all other requirements.

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