Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Classes for General House Pest Control (GHP), Termite and Core     



by Dr. John Warner, Ph.D. Entomology, University of Florida


Welcome to, your Source for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the Florida Pest Control Industry. 

Because this website is new, we are only offering a few basic classes right now for General House Pest Control (GHP) and Termite categories, along with Core units. We plan to be offering more classes soon.

These classes are offered by me, Dr. John Warner, PhD entomology from the University of Florida. I worked at the University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center (FLREC) for over 20 years as a research scientist, owned and operated a pest control company since 2000, and worked for both universities and companies in Urban and Agricultural pest management since 1975.  The classes that I am offering at reflect my education, research and experience in the pest control industry. I hope that you will find these classes both educational and interesting. If you have questions or suggestions for future topics for classes, you can reach me at

Since we are new, the classes and their corresponding CEUs are presently being offered at discounted prices (see below)


About Our Classes

Our online classes allow you to pay online and download your attendance certificate IMMEDIATELY after completing the course and quiz. You can take the classes anytime 24/7. You must create a log-in, but once the account has been created you can use it for all your CEUs...forever! (You will not need to re-enter your info each time you take a class.)

Please do these classes on a laptop, desktop or tablet computer. It is recommended to NOT do the classes on a mobile phone.

Registrations are for only one person. You must register in your own name, individual email address, and use your own ID number. Important: there can only be ONE person registered per email address. If you registered more than 1 person with the same email address, you will need to do new, individual registrations.

All courses are Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) approved for CEU credit.


Each class is for 2 CEUs.

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NOTE: If anything is not working as it should, be patient and contact me at CEUHomeInfo@gmail.comAll will be made right! (Sorry, there is no phone support.) 

You can choose to take a class that you have already taken in a previous year as a review; you will get valid CEUs.


Class length:

50 minutes x 2 CEUs = 100 minutes for each class.

In other words, a 2-CEU class will take (by law) a minimum of 100 minutes to complete. You are free to take a longer time; there is no rush, but you will not be able to take the quiz until you complete the 100 minute minimum.


You should only do one class at a time. Complete the class, quiz and download the attendance form, then go on and do another class. If you try to do more than one class at a time, the timer will stop. This is the rule from FDACS: one class at a time, for 100 minutes each. In other words, if you open a browser tab for one class, then open a new tab for another class, the timers (located at the top of each class) will stop, so please take only one class at a time. (There is a section below about the timer.)


After you complete the quiz, click "SAVE" then wait while your attendance form is generated. Then you will be able to download the attendance form which you will need to print, SIGN and send to FDACS when you renew your license.


If you need to exit a module before completion, you will be able to resume where you left off by returning to the website, to the class you selected and click on: RESUME THE CLASS. We recommend completing the class in one session. Bookmark this website to facilitate your return. Contact me at for any issues. I will reply ASAP. (Sorry, there is no phone support.) 



We are offering each 2-unit class for only $25. Most other online classes are more expensive and some charge $25 for each unit.


CLICK ONLY ONCE FOR EACH PAYMENT! Please wait a few seconds until the payment is processed! Each time you click the payment button, you will be charged again, so only click once and then wait a few seconds.

You will automatically receive an email receipt showing the payment.


NOTE: Most people will need to take ONE (1) class in GHP and/or ONE (1) in termite control, AND ONE (1) CORE. As stated above several times, each class will give you 2 CEUs

 Please read before clicking on a class. If you take more classes than you need or "clicked on the wrong class" remember:



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 CEUs for groups are also available at your place of business or via Zoom. 






The Class Timer

As you already know from reading the home page of the website (above), each 2-credit class must run for 100 minutes. When you begin a class, there is a timer that you can see if you scroll to the top of the class. It is a "count-down" timer that starts at 100 and counts down to zero, and then you can take the quiz. There are things that you can do to stop the timer, and if you want to complete the class, so you can then take the quiz, so you can then download your attendance form for your renewal, you really do not want to stop the timer from running. Right? 

These things will stop the timer:

  1. You close the active browser tab for the class
  2. You switch to a different active tab
  3. You try to do numerous classes at the same time, one class per tab
  4. You turn off your computer, phone or tablet

In other words, to keep the timer running: stay on the active browser tab and complete the class, then take the quiz, click SAVE, wait for your attendance form to be generated, download the form, print it, sign it and send it in with your other renewal forms to FDACS. 





Sponsor for all courses: Shalom Pest Control, Inc.


Reviews: I have already received some excellent reviews for these classes, which I will soon post here. Please send me your comments! My email: Thanks!

Review: "I love all the information in these ceus! Your course was fun to take. Thanks again."




Note: "...anyone completing this course under someone else’s name or applicator number is committing fraud and can be penalized accordingly." -FDACS.                                 Using this website indicates that you agree to this and all FDACS rules.


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Classes Available.

General House Pest Control (GHP):

Classes about pest insects, rodents, and occasional invaders, including identification and control practices.

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Termite (T):

Classes about wood-destroying organisms, such as termites, beetles and fungi; laws, identification, control and inspection techniques.

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Classes about the history of pest control, laws, safety issues, environmental protection and more.

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