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The Bigheaded Ant: biology and control

The bigheaded ant (BHA, Pheidole megacephala) has been a pest in southern Florida for many years, and according to reports by pest control operators, it is becoming an even more pervasive nuisance as it displaces other ants, such as the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta). This class describes the BHA, where it lives, its life cycle, the concerns it raises with homeowners, and control methods.

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White-Footed Ant Biology and Control

The white-footed ant (WFA), Technomyrmex difficilis Forel, an invasive species from SE Asia, has become an important pest ant in Florida. This class examines WFA biology and control practices to assist PCOs to identify and control this pest ant. Similar ants found in Florida are described to help avoid confusing them with the WFA. You must complete 100 minutes in order to be able to download the Attendance Form.

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